What is the font used in the Hot Wheels first logo?

The font I want to know is the one used in the phrase “fastest metal cars in the world”

Could you help me? I’m new in this.

Looks similar to Bodoni Pro Book Italic.
I know it’s a different font, though…
I think we need some help from @Typehuile.

Century Schoolbook italic. And the package designer should have used an apostrophe, not a single opening quotation mark!


LOL :joy:
How’s this: '67 HEMI Barracuda

Halfway there. Nice try, though.

Thanks a lot! You are a master! :smiley:

Thanks for your help!

De nada.


How did you do that, @Typehuile? I thought each reply had to be at least 20 characters.
(EDIT) Oh I see… the ellipsis was to make it 20 char.! Smart…

Lots of periods