What font is this single character?

Bad: This is being used as a logo so I have no other characters. Good: If no one can ID it , I only have one character to re-create in Illustrator.
p logo black

That’s the logo of Pitchstone Books in Durham, NC, about 20 miles from me! I could probably drive over there and ask, except it’s Christmas weekend and 12° F! I thought it would be easy to find the typeface, but no. The closest I could find it Eterea LC family from Carradine Font. Not perfect, but it’s getting there

Thanks. I’m a little embarrassed here. I was hired by an author to re-do the cover (but not the inside) of her book. Since she has self-published other books, I assumed this one was as well. But looking online I see that this is a Pitchstone Book. In the immortal words of Emily Litella: “Nevermind.”

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