Walmart Font | Bogle

Bogle is Walmart’s font available at

My question is can I or my design firm use this typeface. I can find no licensing agreement for this font on their website or anywhere else online.

We plan on using it for the mainline of a logo being developed for a company.

I’m not a legal expert, but would like to get any advice possible please. Thanks in advance for any answers.

Nope, can’t do that. The Bogle download includes a sublicense agreement, which includes the following limitations between Walmart and whoever requests to sublicense the fonts to produce work for Walmart (“Agency”).

  1. Use Restrictions. Agency agrees and covenants that:

    1.1 It will use the Font Software and the Typeface solely for Creative Materials that Agency develops for Wal-Mart and/or Wal-Mart Affiliates pursuant to the Agency Agreement;

    1.2 It will ensure that recipients of electronic documents cannot extract the Font Software and the Typeface from such documents or use the embedded Font Software and Typeface for the creation of new documents (notwithstanding the foregoing, embedding of the Font Software and the Typeface into electronic documents like PDF is permitted in a secured “Preview & Print” mode);

Thank you Tupehuile,

Now that I read those lines in sub license, I see usage is not possible. Thanks for finding this info.

Searching the font via My Fonts type identifier finds a font “Brandon Text Bold” which seems to be exactly the same a Bogle.

How can this be available as the exact same font with a different name for purchase if its sub licensed by Walmart. I’m not up on the law on this but I don’t understand why.

If it is available, is this a legal license we can use for this client, using Brandon in lieu of Bogle?

thanks for any help in advance.

There are very minor differences, mainly the shape of the small ends of vertical strokes on l.c. letters like the a, b, d, and g. In Brandon, they seem to slant and end with rounded corners, but in Bogle, they are all curved and end in a rounded corner.

And, yes, if you buy Brandon, you can use it for commercial purposes.

Thank you again Typehuile,

We are moving forward with Brandon and the team appreciates your help and guidance.