Unknown font from Town Hall ca. 1960 - do you know it?

Hi there

As part of a reorganization of our town hall, we’re looking to unify the font used. The town hall was built 1958-60. It is not known precisely when the lettering is from but it must be around that time or very shortly after.

The original font is an Optima-looking one, Optima coming out in 1958 would fit chronologically, however there are some dissimilarites. I’m not a font expert, so I do not know the correct terms, but some notable differences are:

  • lines in S taper out, do not thicken
  • left downward line in Æ does not thicken
  • lines generally do not thicken, e.g. the horizontal lines of E
  • M has vertical lines, in Optima they’re slanted
  • the arms of V and Y are much wider
  • the A also seems wider
  • the slanted downward line i R is much longer
  • the middle vertical line in E is not centered, seems slightly above center

I have researched the various files about building the town hall, however the signs are not mentioned. I doubt the font was created specifically for the Town Hall, as this would most likely have been mentioned in the files.

So I was hoping some font experts might be able to name the font. let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks for reading!


It’s Cabrito Contrast Extended Medium

Thank you very much for your reply.

It’s certainly very similar, but it’s not the same. E.g. the vertical lines of M are slanted in Cabrito.

I’ll pass your suggestion along, the current suggestion is to use an Optima-replacement, but at a glance Cabrito seems more of a match.

Cabrito is a modern font, I think? The font I’m after is from the late 50s/early 60s