Unable to find a close match to this font

Can anyone tell me what this font is? I need to do a type match on a rare book cover, and I don’t have anything close in my font library.

Thanks, Frizzell9

Untitled 8

It’s hand drawn in the Art Deco style of the 1920s. Duplicate letters are not identical (H, E, A, D); the S and G are idiosyncratic. Note the bold stress on the W and Y is on the wrong side. In a contrasting letter, the thick stroke is usually the downstroke of a person writing right-handed, which means when the straight-nib pen is slightly rotated, the left side of the A, W, and M will be the wide stroke and the right side will be the thin upstroke.
Binner, Britannic, and Koloss are fonts from that era, and they have some of the characteristics of this face.

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