Tell me what this font is plz

Hi there, I need your help.
I’ve been looking for this font for like 3 hours, of course I used some image-matching tools, but I haven’t reached it yet.
So if anybody knows the name of this font (and where I can download it, if possible), please please let me know. Or, you can tell me the way of finding, like types of this font. Thank you!

I tried all my tricks. The font identifier on Font Squirrel is very good. It didn’t find a match so more than likely it is a free personal use font or something like that.

I found a list that might work if you don’t need the exact font:

I used a combination of tags: hand display and handmade to get me close:[classifications][0]=hand+display&filter[tags][0]=handmade&sort=bestselling

Thank you for your support!
Actually this is a cover of a notebook which is putting many kinds of fonts. And some of them are popular so I thought it’s also a free font.

So you are saying it’s “display” style and “handmade”? (I thought it was Gothic) Then I’ll keep on looking for it. Thanks again.

And if anyone else know more about this, don’t hesitate to let me know. Thank you!