• SVG typeface -> Best software?

Hello -

I need to make an SVG font (with transparency details) for a client.
Usually, I work with FontLab (not the latest version), but not sure this software is able to generate SVG fonts.
So Which software do you advice me?

Thank you,

  • Dimitri

Hi Dimitri,
To answer part of your question – FontLab does export to OpenType SVG format. This is different than standard SVG format, which is the format used for @font-face embedding, which FontLab does not support, unfortunately.

To the second part of your question –
If your end-goal is creating a SVG-font for purposes of @font-face embedding, there are a few free alternatives you can use.

One popular option: transfonter[.org]
Using Google, you can find some other online options like transfonter, that do not require any cost, install, etc.

In addition –
If you prefer to stay with FontLab, they do have a tool that supports this, it’s named “TransType”, I’m linking you to the help-manual here, so that you can see the functionality: http://help.fontlab[.com]/transtype-4/ - the only downside is that this software is not free.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: