Struggling to identify this font. Please help!

Can anyone identify the font used for the word “Brides” in this logo? Thanks in advance!

There are three magazines that use that font: Brides of Austin, Brides of North Texas, and Brides of Oklahoma. They each have a website and they each publish versions of their magazines (actually a 540+ page book published twice a year) at ISSUU. That’s the best I could do. Take it away. You’re on your own, now.

Hello Typehuile,

thank you for responding. Forgive me if my request was unclear. I was asking if someone can help me identify the font that is being used for the “Brides of” portion of their logo. I was not looking for an overview of their overall brand (# of sub brands, # of publications etc). I’m definitely aware of those things. I just want to identify the font they are using for the “Brides of” portion of their word mark. Thanks again!

Yes, I understand. I can’t find it out. I suggest you ask them.