Similar to Supra Rounded X Bold & Sense Black

Need to find the exact font, if possible. Note the angle of the lower bar on the F.

Hartwell Heavy

Thank you! I don’t know how you do it!

Sorry Mr @Typehuile,
I know it’s a sacrilege to disagree with you :sweat_smile:, but I think I have found the EXACT font.

Look at the slight slants of the G and F:

It’s FATFRANK, available here or on AdobeFonts.

Cheers from Frankfurt, Germany!

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Yes, 189, there are very small differences that were almost unnoticeable to me until you pointed them out. They look more alike than Helvetica and Arial! And another thing that wasn’t obvious at first is that Fat Frank has rounded corners but Hartwell does not.

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Excellent job, 189east! I agree; Hartwell Heavy and FatFrank Heavy are almost identical. Aside from the rounder corners on FatFrank Heavy, another small difference I noticed is where the “legs” of the R meet. FatFrank Heavy’s R comes to a point.

Thanks again to both you and Typehuile!!!

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