Script & Swash Fonts

I’m looking for script/handwritten typefaces with lots of swash characters, any suggestions please ?


There are millions out there. Bouncy, casual scripts are the rage now. And there are lots of formal, elegant scripts, jaunty scripts, advertising scripts, etc. Go to Pixel Surplus, CreativeBooster, Design Cuts, Font Bundles, Free Design Resources, Mighty Deals, Graphic Design Freebies, Envato Elements, Creative Fabrica, and other sites.

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My 2¢:
A lot of the Adobe “Pro” OpenType serif typefaces will have good contextual alternates, swashes & titling alternates that might suit you. They might not be quite as “handwritten” as you like, but check out the old serif standbys like Minion Pro, Caslon Pro, Garamond Pro.

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