Please help identify this font urgent

Similar to Le Havre Regular. Put it in ALL CAPS and d o u b l e s p a c e d, and it should be close.

Shohel, I’ve looked and searched using the Matcherator (here), WTF at MyFonts, and WhatFontIs and haven’t found this font. It looks at first glance a lot like Futura, but there are key differences: the two bowls of the B are identical (not so in Futura); the two loops of the S are equal (not so in Futura); and the leg of the R curves away from the bowl and descends in a vertical line (not so in Futura). Basically, it’s a Helvetica R, but this clearly isn’t Helv. Other things I looked at are: the legs of the K meet at a right angle at the middle of the stem; the letters are, for the most part, on the narrow side; the curved sides of the B, P, and D meet the stem with just a very short straight segment, almost at a tangent point; all three arms of the E are the same length; and the O is circular (like Futura).

Also similar to RM Softsans. D o u b l e s p a c e it and it should look good.