Oswald font problem



I am new to FontTalk, but not to FontSquirrel. I was just wondering if I was the only one having problems with the font Oswald. On FontSquirrel.com, there is mention that the font consists of 15 styles. But if I go on Google fonts or other sites where the font can be downloaded, there is only mention of 3 styles.

If I download from FontSquirrel, I do get 15 font files, but when loaded and used through InDesign not all fonts are loaded and some regular fonts appear as italics.

Any clue, anyone? :-/



Hi Maryse,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Oswald was designed by Vernon Adams, who was in a serious accident several years ago and passed away recently.

Work on Oswald has stalled since his accident, but Font Squirrel distributes all weights and versions available at the github repo: https://github.com/vernnobile/OswaldFont

Google Fonts has chosen to only distribute the weights that are “finished”. Font Squirrel’s hope is that through hosting the fonts that aren’t perfect, it will encourage other font designers to continue his work.

Hope this helps!