Old Solaris console font

Does anybody know of a similar font to this one?
When I saw it I fell in love with it, it is kind of a mix of a serif font, a terminal font and a medieval font.
I found online that it is the font of an old computer called Solaris (SPARC). I also found that it is available but only as a terminal (non-vector) font, which doesn’t behave well in modern systems.
Does anybody know of a similar font? I guess it would be a serif font.
Thanks a lot!

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The first response to the inquiry at the Stack Exchange (second link above) contains a TrueType vector font drawn from the original bitmap font. It’s fully scalable and compatible with Mac or Windows system, but it retains its pixelated appearance.

I don’t know if it’s my system (I don’t think so though, Ubuntu has a good font configuration, I have anti-aliasing enabled) but it looks really bad, and not like the original font.