Old school typeface

Old school typeface from seventies and eighties, looking to see if it ever made it to digital or what it was once called.

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I found your font. It’s DXS Tuxedo Font.
Link - https://bigfontsite.com/fonts/dxs-tuxedo.html

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The original typeface goes back to the seventies perhaps even earlier, it was used on a computer called the Altair and was also used by a computer reseller in California, would be nice to find the originator of this font, however from my own searching online, nothing has come up.

That being said this font is the best match so far, danke!

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Sorry to say but it’s Exactly the same font. Please Check twice.

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I have another typeface you to identify, you’re better at this than the search engine.

It was printed

in 1974.

Start with Akzidenz Grotesk. It’s not a perfect match, but it’s a place to start. And it’s not Helvetica, Univers, Nimbus, or Venus, all of which are of the correct era.
Uploading: Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 12.01.08 AM.png…

What I did was use an Aka font that came close, and then vectored the letters and adjusted them manually, fairly simple procedure, although it would be nice that this old printed material actually had a modern day font equivalent, it seems I always run into something that is oddball.

I’ve been looking for a font that was used by MITS for their Altair Computer, when Tuxedo was suggested it was as close a match as there was, then it led me to the actual producer of that typeface which was a company called Formatt, now I’m making my own version of that typeface which this company called PROGRAM, without high quality scans of the original characters which were rub downs, even with Fontlab, accuracy will be less than perfect, however far better than Tuxedo which is missing alot of the original characters.


I’m always satisfied, I think, maybe, lol!