Oahu, Hawai'i Poster

I made a poster for no apparent reason and I wanted to see what everyone thought of its design. Maybe I need less bold or ALL CAPS.
Also, a challenge: Identify every font on the poster.
Thanks for your opinions! :grinning:

It’s garish and overwrought. How’s that? And as the Archduke said, “Too many palm trees.” [g]

Rockwell or some other lightface Egyptian
Bodoni Heavy or similar
Bodoni Black condensed
Franklin Gothic Heavy
Times or Minion
More Bodoni
And even more Bodoni

Do I win a trip, too? [g]

Thanks for your opinion…
You got most of the fonts right. Some of them are too like many other fonts to know what they are.

Do I win a trip, too?

Sorry, this is a very exclusive trip. Only zero people got to go on it. :laughing: