Need help with this mystery font!

Hey there group… I am racking my brain trying to locate this font. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks guys n gals.

Hi @jonene,

This is a good one. I’ve come up blank so far. I will keep looking though and see what I can find.

I found one really close, depending on how close you need it. This has the same feel and look:

I appreciate the feedback. I have located it. It’s called. FIFA Welcome and it’s a free font in :+1:t4:

What process did you use to find it. I am always curious how people do it.

Not sure… I posted this on 2 sites and someone got back to me with it. I tried all kinds of “font finding” sites and only one came up with 4 relatively close ones. Plus there are graphic designers out there who know their fonts. I was stoked that it was free too!!


This is the thread where it was found.

Thanks for sharing :+1: