Need help finding two fonts

I have a car club and had this logo made for me and now am trying to create some designs but cant seem to find the two fonts used. This image is off of my shirt, the RAGS is different from BAKERSFIELD C.C. I would really appreciate some help, Thank You

It’s hard to say because this has been embroidered. I would call up the place who made it and ask them. “RAGS” has some unusual distortions in it (such as the serifs on the bottom are thicker than on top, the curves of the G are bigger on the bottom than on the top, the G is flat at the top, the bottom serif of the S is a ball but on top, its a vertical stroke—and the serif has a serif of its own! “BAKERSFIELD” is in some version of Helvetica Narrow or Condensed, medium weight.

Ohh thats unfortunate thank you for the help. He’s just been lagging and these people are from out of town so its a bit difficult. Thank you again, I really appreciate the help.