Need help finding this font

need to find this font, plese and thankyou

I looked for a while but couldn’t find a perfect match. It looks a lot like Caslon Openface, but it isn’t. The number 3 has two bowl terminals in this sample, not in Caslon. The outline of the vertical stem of the 4 crosses the horizontal bar, not in other openface fonts. The 5 looks a lot like the 5 in Times (the curve of the bowl slopes down from the vertical stem, not in other fonts). I suspect it has been hand-modified. Note that the thick (and open) strokes of the 0 in the 10 aren’t as wide as in the other round letters, and a lot narrower than the 1. Couldn’t find a match for “Savages” either.

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I found it. Academy Engraved by Esselte / Letraset

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