Name that font?


It’s very similar (but not identical) to Sophia by Emily Spadoni, availble at Dafont:

THANKS, Typehuile! How do you find these fonts???

I recognize many fonts and have a large collection of my own. If I don’t recall it or can’t find it, I’ll upload a clean scan to FontSquirrel’s Matcherator and MyFont’s WTF sites. If they don’t find it, as with your sample, I’ll take a few minutes to look through font vendor sites, starting with Dafont. In your case, I found a match right away.

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wildflower is very similar

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@Typehuile, what fonts have you created?

If you mean designed, none to completion, but I started on many years ago, before digital fonts.

I always try Matcherator, What the Font, and/or Identifont first. I’ll say that in the future to save some time. :wink: Thanks again!