Name that font! (Garamond Relative?)

It may be a pretty standard font but I just cannot find it! Very “Garamond-like”. Has to be the exact font for a logo that I’m recreating. Note the angle at the tip of the A and how the base of the E juts out a bit.

Not sure exactly but I’d say it was more ‘Clarendon’ than ‘Garamond’… sorry if that doesn’t solve this for you !

It’s also close to Bell Std Bold. Format it like this:


I have looked in several font-matching sites and browsed font lists for this font. No luck. I did find close contenders, but not exact matches. URW Baskerville is one. I paid close attention to these details:

  1. The notch on the top of the A
  2. The longer length of the inner sides of the serifs on the A and left leg of the M
  3. The sloped bracket of the right serif of the A
  4. The vertical legs of the M
  5. The relative lengths of all three arms of the E