Lost font for my own Logo! anyone recognise this W?

My laptop fails to boot and has so much hidden artwork inc all my own branding. Ive converted from indesign to Canva cause I cant get Indesign free like was on laptop.

Ive tried idnetifont
what font is
and font squirel
so far and none even come close to this W which is my main logo for Woodburns original

any suggestestions, where to look. I have a guy making a hug 21 inch W of my logo for bespoke coffee tables using reclaimed oak barel lids and he needs the logo in full resolutioin and ive taken this one straight from my own etsy… its tiny

Hi @rachelhtg,

this one is available here on Fontsquirrel, it’s called kawoszeh:

Well, and I looked up the rest of your logo as well :smiley:

“Woodburns” is a font called Agatho Regular:

“ORIGINAL” is the good ole’ Helvetica Light:

Cheers :slight_smile: