Looking to identify this font if anyone can for me

Tried to use the common search tools for identifying fonts but have been unsuccessful.

Anyone have any ideas? It is for a project for an upcoming wedding for a family member. I am hoping to use the same font for their names.

Thank you,

I don’t see an image…

It is the word Bridesmaid at the top of the article. I also included the link to the image on this site. Please let me know if you cannot see it still. Thank you!

Bridesmaid image

Where did you get the source image from, or where did the blank invitation come from?

Oh, I’m so sorry! Didn’t see the first part of the topic. Looks like it could be King Basil to me.

@QueenoftheFonts - The B is different in the King Basil but very close.

@Typehuile - This is part of a larger image, I cut out the part that I didn’t need to worry about.

I asked because I (or you) might be able to find out the font from the source.

This is the source image that I got the word from.

I’d try all those free template and free font sites. Here are some I posted elsewhere at Font Talk: