I really need to know the names of the font in this sample jewelry appraisal for a school report!

I need to find the name of the title font and the body of the appraisal. I also tried the font matcherator several times to no avail. Please can someone help me?

Zapf Chancery at top
Monotype Engravers (Insurance Appraisal)
Times New Roman


Oh my gosh you’re the best! And might I say, very talented! I really didn’t expect anyone to respond to my desperate cry for help. I do have one more question, would you happen to have a guesstimate as to what each font size is?

Zapf Chancery and Times are probably 10/12. Engravers is probably about 18

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Thank You so, so much!

Oh my gosh nevermind I’m sorry I just read your original message that said monotype engravers I apologize!