I really need to know the names of the font in this sample jewelry appraisal for a school report!

I need to find the name of the title font and the body of the appraisal. I also tried the font matcherator several times to no avail. Please can someone help me?

Zapf Chancery at top
Monotype Engravers (Insurance Appraisal)
Times New Roman

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Oh my gosh you’re the best! And might I say, very talented! I really didn’t expect anyone to respond to my desperate cry for help. I do have one more question, would you happen to have a guesstimate as to what each font size is?

Zapf Chancery and Times are probably 10/12. Engravers is probably about 18

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Thank You so, so much!

Oh my gosh nevermind I’m sorry I just read your original message that said monotype engravers I apologize!