I need help identifying this logo's font!

Hello everyone, does anyone recognize the font used in the logo for the Isle of Wight Festival?
I’ve tried multiple times to identify it, but I can’t get a match out of any tool.
Thanks :smiley:

Captura de ecrã 2020-09-30 200212

It most likely doesn’t exist to the public. It looks like they developed it in-house to protect their brand. They have a whole branding company working for them.

Oh, I see. Yeah, but I think someone in another thread said it resembled a font called “Plaza”, which bears a very strong resemblance to the logo’s font.
My guess is that the font was modified by their branding team with permission from the designer of the original font (The S in “Isle”, for example).

That could be said for any Art Deco or Miami style typeface.

I suggested Plaza. BTW, you do not need the permission of the type designer modify any letter in any way, and especially in a logo like this. That’s what type is for !