I coudnt identify this font using the app, could you help me please?

I used this font many years ago and saved as curves, now I can not identify anywhere the name of this font, I tried to find with those apps to identify fonts but no success… could you help me please?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @smagnun,

I guess you started with the good ol’ Arnold Boecklin.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-27 um 17.13.11

Right? :wink:

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hi @Hondo5834

this font is in fact very similar, but I didnt modify much this font, I just stretched it a little bit, and it’s a little misshapen because I had to repaint a paper and it wasn’t very well aligned hahaha, it is like that, the S has a dot over it, just like that and the middle leg of the M is just like the image. Also the curves are from the font not my edition :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying, if I am not able to find this font I will probably use this Arnold font instead :slight_smile: