Help me to find this font

Is there anyone who can help me to find that font, please?


Thanks in advance.

This is close:

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Thank you so much, Mate.

De nada.

This is twenty!

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Does anyone know which is the name of this font? :



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Thanks so much Typehuile.

And this font do you know which can be?


It’s very close to Futura Bold


Help needed finding this font. Any thoughts would be appreciated. 25%20AM

Thanks so much Typehuile.

CM Shark Week. Please in the future start a new thread with a new search instead of adding a request to another thread.

Thank you - I certainly will. My apologies.

Hi Typehuile the font Future Bold isn,t exactly like the font of the picture look at:

I have test with the font :Futura XBlk BT.ttf it,s very similar but the part marked of red has a different curve

There are many variations of Futura and what one foundry calls bold is not the same as what another calls bold. Look at my example above. Plus, I only said it was very close.


At the end the right font it,s Futura URW Extra Bold,thanks.

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And this font which can be?

Thanks so much Typehuile.

This font which can be?