Help me identify this font: Thurman's T-shirt in "Bad Santa"

No-one on the web has a decent reproduction of this shirt, so I’d like to make my own. To do that, I’d like to know what font this is. I’ve posted this to several places, but have had no luck identifying it. Could you help me out? Thanks!

The original still is here:

It doesn’t quite have the same soft feel, but in terms of weight and size, the Extra Bold weight comes close:

Hi Joe! You’re right that Artigua has a similar weight and contrast. You’re also right that it’s not the same font - the capital R is the most striking difference, and Artigua was designed this year whereas Bad Santa was released in 2003.

I wonder how to describe the style of that capital R, with that calligraphic tail - is there a name for it?

I don’t know what I’d call that R either.