Help me find this font i cant find it


please help me to find this font nameCapture



That font is Blippo . . . . . .


The first font looks like ITC Bauhaus® Pro Medium. Here’s the link:


This is curious, QoF: Blippo and Bauhaus are verrrry similar, but Blippo only has a black face, no lighter weights. So this example can’t be Blippo. Except that the cap J in Blippo looks like this one (but heavier), whereas the cap J in Bauhaus doesn’t. In Bauhaus, the lower stroke follows a flatter curve and doesn’t end up with a sharply angled terminal. The other three letters are virtually identical (except for the weight).


Bonjour is Neometric, available at

Bistro & Cafe is Industrial Arts at


I thought you were saying that ‘BONJOUR’ from the second image was Blippo, so if I appeared as rude, I definitely didn’t mean it.
I find it odd that Blippo only has one weight, and that being black. And one question: Where did you hear about all the fonts you know, and how did you remember them?


I check out the font vendors regularly and download many fonts (many of them), plus I’m just very interested in fonts, I have a good memory for fonts and their names, and I go to sites like Luc Devroy’s at McGill University and marvel at the range and breadth of his lists of fonts and designer. I started out working in a hot-lead shop in high school, then went on to do layout work with cold type, Typositor type, transfer letters like Letraset and Geotype, and then, I got into digital type and book design in 1988. All that earlier stuff gave me a great foundation for working with digital type. For one thing, I didn’t have to lug 20-lb galleys of lead forms around or worry that the summer sun through the car’s windows would loosen the wax holding the cold type down to the mounting board.