Great Grains Font

Hello, does anyone know what font their logo is?

My guess? Commissioned from scratch. It looks like a lot of slab-serif fonts, but there are distinct differences:

bowl of g is a circle and the tail is also circular, ending in a cleanly cut terminal
the open terminals of the r, a, and s end with an abrupt square serif that does not cross the stroke
the bowl of the a is flat on top

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awesome feedback thank you

Typehuile (or anyone),

Do you have any idea’s on the Bai logo beverage font?

FF Karbid Display is not it, but it’s very close and might be a starting point for a custom logo.

Any ideas on the ‘Bubbles’ font, which, is obviously custom but any good directions?

This is mine…

I often do it this way:

  1. Search for a match on What the Font or WhatFontIs.
  2. If there is not exact match, I select a very close font, then I use “similar” feature in Indentifont to search for fonts that resemble the font I found on the other matching sites. That gives me a list to look through.
  3. If I can’t find it in the first Intellifont list, I use the “Search for fonts similar to X” (on the right) and generate a new list.

Using this method, I found Hastadaya, a font that resembles the Bubbles font, and searched for a similar font with Intellfont.

Totally. I am obsessed with Whatthefont but you are better at it. THANKS!!!