Gotham font usage

Hi, Does anybody know if the font ‘gotham’ can only be used on the web if licenced from We are trying to use it for a company, as it is their corporate font, but can’t seem to find it available anywhere.

You can buy the fonts outright (bundle of 8 styles for $199 for one computer; $248 for 2 computers) compared to paying an annual subscription to use the fonts online. The Montserrat family is very similar to Gotham and is free on Google Fonts:

Also: What’s the deal with the explosion of Gotham usage? (from around 2018 --> )

Reminds me of the days when Adobe first designed Myriad, and made it the default font in Illustrator, and all of a sudden everyone was using Myriad on everything.

Partly, it’s just the new kid in town. Partly, it’s being driven by popularity among a younger cadre of designers, I think. I’m an old, die-hard Helvetica-Univers-Frutiger partisan. Gotham looks clunky to me, but I’ve been around for dog years.

Gotham takes up a LOT of horizontal space, it’s kinda chunky. Looks nice, though.
(BTW - Yeah, Univers FTW!)