Free Fonts from MyFonts!

I’m not really the type of person to pay for a font, so when I came to MyFonts, searched ‘a,’ filtered the price from low to high, and found a bunch of high quality free fonts, I was very excited. Here they are:

  1. Scriptina Pro Regular

  2. Moreno Rust XThin

  3. Moreno Rough XThin

  4. Moreno Rust Two XThin

  5. Museo Slab 500

  6. PhotoWall Sans Shadow

  7. Sant Elia Rough-Line

  8. Bree Serif Regular

  9. Bunita Swash Thin

  10. Kayto Doodles

  11. Le Havre Rough Basic

  12. Lullabies Extras

  13. Typold Book 500

  14. Wreath Halftone Medium

  15. Anglecia Pro Text Regular

  16. Bunday Sans SemiBold Up

  17. Espinosa Nova Regular

  18. Gist Light

  19. Gist Rough Light Three

  20. Loew Heavy

  21. Lolita Medium

  22. Publica Sans Regular

  23. Publica Slab Regular

  24. Pupcat Regular

  25. Yorkten Nor Reg

  26. Yorkten Slab Norm Regular

  27. Le Havre Hand Fill

  28. Maris Halftone Medium

  29. Sybilla Shade Pro-Reg

  30. Tropen Extras

  31. Questa Sans Regular

  32. Questa Serif Regular

  33. Questa Slab Regular

  34. Questa Grande Regular

I know it’s quite the list, but I’ve got them all!:laughing:

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