Free alternative to Corporate S light / Corporate S bold / Corporate A light

Guys, the corona crisis hit me like a baseball bat, my bank account looks like the Sahara. That’s why I am looking for a free font alternative to save some money…

One of my few current customers uses this expensive font in his logo, letter paper and business cards…

Do you know a very similar free font?

No image or URL posted. Please do so.

Yes, sure, here we go:

corporate a light

The logo uses a second font:

Here’s a place to start your search: Go to Whatfontis and click on the Similar Fonts link.

Then type Corporate A (or S) into the field and select the style from the pop-up list. Then scroll through the options. Most of the ones I saw are free for personal use. I would find a very close match, then use Identifont > Fonts by Similarity tab to find closer matches: