Fonts prices, free

Hi, new here. I downloaded a font called Alex something and it didnt charge me, how do i know is a font is free or not. tysm

  1. From what site did you download it?
  2. Do you use a font manager that can show you metadata, such as FontExplorer? I do, and it shows this information. As you can see, this font (not Alex) has an SIL Open Font License, which means it is free to use.
  3. BTW, if your font is Alex Brush, a script font, it is licenses under SIL OFL v. 1.1 and is free.


It’s called downloadfonts. Https://
Never heard of a font manager. Lol.
How do I go about getting it? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  1. On the page with the Download button, you will see one of these two messages. You can use “Personal Use Only” fonts (on left) only for projects that you do not do for hire or sale. Private party invitation? You can use it. Brochure for a client? No, you cannot. If the message said “Commercial Use,” you can use it for any project at all, but you cannot resell it to someone else.

  2. What kind of computer system do you use? I have an iMac and use the Mac OS X operating system. It comes with Font Book, its own font manager. I prefer to use a commercial program called Monotype Font Explorer (formerly Linotype FE). It costs $99 for a new license or $49 for an upgrade.

I use windows 10. Ty