Font with default Polish localisation



I’ve recently built a couple of Polish language Web sites and I would like to make use of OpenType locl functionality to display steeper Polish kreskas instead of default acute-style kreskas.

Plenty of fonts support Polish language variations, which can be displayed with tools like InDesign, but Web browsers with locl support still only display the variation of the font’s default language (as far as I can tell).

For CJK support in Noto, separate versions of the font exist with exactly the same glyphs, but a different default language to address this very problem. However, since acute accents are near enough, I doubt there has been a similar call for default-Polish fonts.

Is it possible to achieve what I’m after? Either to find a font with default Polish localisation, or to otherwise display a localisation variation other than the default in a Web browser? I’m thinking that if not, I would have to build a font from source with this setting?