Font type changes with change of language (Word)


I have the following problem. I am not sure if it is font or Microsoft Word related.
I just installed a new font on my PC - Helvetica Neue. The font supports Latin (English, etc. letters and also Cyrillic).
When I type in English using the font it is ok, once I switch to Bulgarian, the font changes to Calibri. However if I type something in Bulgarian, highlight it and then change the font to Helvetica Neue, it works.

Do you know where the problem might be coming from?


Since Calibri is your default font, when you try to add a symbol, like something in Bulgarian, even if the font you are using is Helvetica Neue, it will automatically switch back to Calibri. Try this:
Go to the ‘Design’ tab.
Click on 'Fonts.'
At the very bottom of the pop-up, select 'Customize Fonts…'
Make your ‘Heading font’ be the font of your choice (this font is used for titling, etc.) and the ‘Body font’ be Helvetica Neue.
Go back to your ‘Home’ tab. In the ‘Styles’ section, click on the text style 'Normal.'
Now try typing in Bulgarian. Tell me if it doesn’t work, because I have another method, too.


Thanks for the reply. I did what you told me. The English is again okay, but this time when I switch to Bulgarian the font changes to Times New Roman ahahahaha. Something very strange is happening. And again if I highlight the text in Bulgarian (Cyrillic) and change it manually to Helvetica Neue, it changes.


:grin: Microsoft Word is sometimes as stubborn as a mule…
How do you insert Bulgarian? Do you click on the ‘Insert’ tab, ‘Symbols,’ and click on the Bulgarian you want?


No, I just change my keyboard layout and start typing.


Then I don’t know…
Either change your keyboard, type, select the text, and change it to Helvetica Neue or…
Go to the ‘Insert’ tab,
Click 'Symbols,'
Go to the Bulgarian section,
and click all the Bulgarian you want. But make sure to change the font to Helvetica Neue before you do!
It seems very complicated, I’m sure, but try it out first.:keyboard: