Font not showing up in Word

I have he following problem. I installed 12 fonts yesterday from the same family. They appear in the font folder, however they are located inside one of the fonts (font family), so in word I can only see one font. When I bold that font I guess it automatically switches to the bold version inside the family, however how do I select a thinner font?
Is there a way to expand the the family in word, so that I can see all 12 fonts?

Best Regards,

Tsvetan Donov

To get the thin font (often called condensed) in Microsoft Word, I would do the following:

  1. Go to C:\Users\Tsvetan\Fonts

  2. Right click on the font family and click ‘Open.’

  3. Right-click on the thin font you want to use and click ‘Show.’

Please make sure to tell me if this method worked or not.