Existing Font or Custom Font?

This font was use in an old logo from many years ago. I have been tasked with either finding it or finding someone that can recreate it at a reasonable cost?

Hi @iamdevins,

the “DESIGN” part is ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro Demi.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-30 um 11.29.02

The “PACE” part:
“PA” is ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro, too, probably the Book cut, the A is from the alternates with a customized pointy top.
“CE” is probably Yellow Peas Regular, the E is also from the alternate set.
It was surely customized all in all.


Thank you for figuring this out. Since you said all in all the font was customized and I am not a graphic designer, might you be able to recreate it? If you can, please let me know the cost to accomplish this?


Hi Devin,

I have sent you a PM.