Does this font look familiar to anyone, please?

I’m looking for this writing font :

I tried with FONT IDENTIFIER but I didn’t get a good match.

A little more information :

  • All letters are in caps except the last three (rdc)
  • scratches on ‘KALI’ are unvolunteer
    *I put some white at the base of KALI on both sides of the A so that it can be identified and see as glyphs with FONT IDENTIFIER

I notice especially the shape of the G with a leg, the horizontal oval inside the O and the number 6, the shorter stick in the middle of the capital E.

If someone could help me, that would be great! Thank you :slight_smile:

Rocket Pop looks very close

it’s by far the best I’ve seen so far !
Just the capital Y that really doesn’t match,
thank you Typehuile \o/

Look at the lowercase y. Maybe they mixed the UC and lc together.