Convert a mac font to windows one

I found about this program called Font Forge. I am trying to get the Helvetica Neue fonts to run on a PC the same way as they run on a mac. I can open the font file, having copied it from my mac with font force and then I try and generate a new one, in simple terms exporting it as True Type. For some reason without touching any of the settings I get errors that the symbols are counterclockwise instead of clockwise, etc.

Do you have any suggestions to how to convert and use the Helvetica Neue on my PC as well and not only on my Mac?

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What is the font format of Helv Neue? PS1, TT, OTF?

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I also have FontForge, and I think I know how to help. Click on the ‘FontForge’ link if my method doesn’t work. First, check to make sure Helvetica Neue doesn’t have any TTF formats. If not, when the pop-up comes up that says your symbols are counterclockwise, just select ‘Ignore,’ or any option that says something like ‘Okay.’ It should ignore it.
Also, try Type Light, a free font editing software, if it doesn’t work. And if the same pop-up comes up, do the same thing with it.

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The files are in an otf format.

I will try and see. Thanks.

OTF font work across platforms, Mac and PC alike. Just install them without further muss and fuss.

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