Common Font - Cannot Identify

This font has been driving me nuts. I have been looking for it for a while.

I am looking for the ‘Pacific Breeze’ font. The ‘The Smell Good Guys.’ font is probably Arial Bold, but that doesn’t matter.
Thanks so much,

It’s Peignot, designed by A.M. Cassandre in 1937. And the other font is Helvetica, not Arial.

Thanks Typehuile!
I find it difficult to distinguish the differences between Helvetica and Arial, so also, thanks for correcting me.

Two give-aways in that small example: The G has a beard in Helvetica, none in Arial; and the terminals of the round open letters (G, ss and e) are horizontal in Helvetica, diagonal (perpendicular to the stroke) in Arial.

According to the funny story, a young man once said he would wear a T-shirt with the word “Helvetica” printed in Arial, and he would marry the first young woman who pointed out the error! Like, this photo: