Commercially free fonts to embed in a wedding stationery PDF for the customer to be able to edit in Adobe Reader

Hi there,

Can you please help and advise? I’m creating PDF wedding templates to sell commercially and need free fonts for the wording on the wedding stationery items that I will be creating ie. invites, save the dates etc.
I need to be able to embed the fonts in the PDF and make them editable in Adobe Reader by the person buying the template in a program called Adobe Reader.
How do I know which fonts are commercially free to embed in a PDF for customers to be able to edit without breaching copyright laws.
I’ve looked at the licensing agreements but it’s a minefield to a layperson such as myself! What do I need to be looking out for in order to know that the fonts I’m downloading are free and legally safe to use.
Also, any suggestions on suitable fonts for wedding stationery would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your time. Mark

If you’re only interested in free fonts, I think your best bet would be to stick to fonts licensed under the SIL Open Font License or the Apache Font license. Those licenses allow you to do pretty much everything except sell the font by itself without any changes.

They would definitely allow you to embed the font in a PDF and make the PDF editable by the recipient.

Check out this list for fonts on Font Squirrel that have the SIL or Apache license: