Commercial Use Typefaces

I have downloaded several fonts with commercial use licenses (Creative Fabrica, Google Fonts, etc.). Is it allowed for me to redistribute them by email? I’m sure it’s not, but might as well see…:grin:

Most Google fonts are released with a SIL Open Font license, which conform to Free Software principles, including:

“Redistribution: the freedom to redistribute copies of the font software so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2).”

For more:

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Thank you very much, @Typehuile! I’ll keep that in mind.:grin:

@Typehuile, do you know if the OFL license supports redistribution?
Thanks in advance,
QofF :crown:

Yes, it does. Here are several Wikipedia pages on this topic:

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Thanks again, @Typehuile! That’s hilarious; I didn’t know that the OFL license and SIL Open Font license were the same!:laughing: