Commercial Use fonts

Hi all, i’m new to this site and am after a little advise on these lovely fonts.
I am a paper cutter and create some of my own designs to sell. I just wanted to check, are ALL of the fonts on this site free for commercial use with licences??

Many thanks in advance


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All the fonts hosted on Font Squirrel are 100% free for commercial use. We worked hard to only include those that did not impose creative limits in their license. You should be good to go.

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Thanks for this Ethan. Just to be clear, are they also OK for using to create a design that I will then cut by hand, frame and sell to the public?? I keep hearing conflicting info from different sources…it seems to be a total minefield and quite alien to me :grinning:
Many thanks again

Yes, this is perfectly fine.

Commercial Use fonts.
I just want to be sure if the fonts on this site are free to use in website. Should I be concern about some license issue?
I would like use Oswald, Fira Sans, Droid Serif.

All of the fonts on FontSquirrel are 100% free for commercial use. Droid Serif, Fira Sans, and Oswald enables you to embed the fonts into your website with CSS.