Commercial to be used in films?

Can these fonts be use in commercial products, such as short films and blockbuster films, or even TV commercials?

I was wondering as I don’t want to be caught out if i put it in a short film i’m making…

From the Font Squirrel FAQ page:

2. Are all these fonts really free for commercial use?

As far as we know, yes. Please read the license on each font before you use them to be sure. And if you happen to find one that you think is not commercial, then please tell us. Also, some licenses may allow more uses than others. We have tried our best to mark fonts for different common uses. Read FAQ #9 below about embedding for more info.

2b. But really, are they free?

We understand that font licenses are difficult to understand and filled with legalese. We’ve done our best to verify that the fonts we add to our site have free for commercial use licenses. As far as we know, all the fonts on the site have free desktop licenses, meaning they can be used in commercial graphics and images free of charge. Are you designing a logo with the font? That’s fine. Using it on a T-shirt? Also fine. Please read the license for more information on what you’re allowed to do with the fonts.