Close Match Found But Not Quite

Pristina Regular is the closest I could find but the 'v" doesn’t match.


It’s Pristina. The v has been manually altered.

Thanks! The other characters were a match but you’re right - the “v” is custom.

One last thought, do you think the “v” is from another typeface?

You’re right. It looks like l.c. v from Vivaldi:
Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 11.05.04 PM

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Yes, Vivaldi it is. Thanks again!

I got another variation. This one has a capital “B”. It’s not from Pristine or Vivaldi. The character got a little chopped on the bottom left. Do you know what was used for the B on this?

Looks like Vladimir Script by URW

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That’s it! Thanks again for your help.

Guitar playing avatar. dechris mode = Depeche Mode. Got it! :+1: