Can you identify this?

Ive used a AI to design a logo to play around with it, but cant retrieve the settings to modify or better it now :frowning:

i liked and i subdivised the text in two diff parts. However it doesnt show the font used sigh…so its hard for me to reuse it on diff things. Im quite new to this, ive used all the font AI recognition i could find including fontsquirrel one but no good match atm.

its my username : A L E D A R K

  1. Letters are A L E
    (diff font, cant find the exact ones)

  2. Letters are D A R K
    (same deal…cant find the exact one)

Heres the logo one i made, looking to recreate it with better resolution and little alignment, size mistakes.

Aledark or Alex :slight_smile:

couldnt put 3 images embedded since im new…so heres



I found DARK: Joane Stencil SemiBold. No luck with ALE. You’re up, @Hondo.

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Thanks a lot @Typehuile. 50% of the work done at least, much appreciated!

@Typehuile @Aledark

Sadly I had no luck either, it seems that this was custom built.
All I can offer is to rebuild it, this won’t take long… :wink:

Hi @Hondo5834 was wondering how you can reconstruct a font? Sorry im new to all this and slowly learning :slight_smile:

The whole font is something else, i would have rebuilt just the 3 letters ALE and export it as a vector file, EPS/SVG… :slight_smile:

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That be so sweet, i dont really need the font for something else than those 3 letters anyhow :slight_smile: I just wanna upscale the quality i currently have.

How do you like rebuild those 3 letters…like pixel analyze and reproduce them? ty
Trying to learn the tips and tricks :slight_smile:

Send me your Email via DM, I’ll send it to you as an EPS. :wink:

I just opened your original in Adobe Illustrator, which is a so called vector program, and overlayed the pixel data from your file with vector boxes. Then I adjusted the width of those boxes to make them fit with one another, so it is not just a rebuilt of ALE but an optimization. :wink: