Can someone help me find the fonts in this book?

I was hoping that I could get help with identifying these fonts in The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 3.

Links to the images can be found here and here.

Thank you! :blush:

P22 Operino Romano

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Thank you very much! Do you know the font for the first image?

Same: P22 Operino Romano

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I’m just curious as to why the style is on the ‘A’ in the first image, if it’s the same font. The normal version (shown in the second image) doesn’t seem to have that.

There are three fonts in the Operino family. The basic font is Operino Romano, and Operino Fiore is the swash alternate. Here’s a partial view of the glyph table for Fiore.

So what do I need to do in order to get the same style on the font?

Google “Operina Romano” and “Operina Fiore.” There are places that offer it free and places that sell it. It’s not hard to track down.

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