Can I create a mould of a FontSquirrel or Google Fonts font for commercial use?

Hi Font Lovers,

I am planning to create a mould for letters made of plastic which will be sold commercially together with a letter board.

Is that kind of use permitted for the fonts offered on FontSquirrel? Would the answer be the same for Google Fonts?

Thank you in advance for your answer!


I’m not a 100% sure on this issue myself because it’s very nuanced as there are different licenses for different webfonts granting different permissions.

Adam Twardoch (Myfonts/Fontlab) who seems to have grasp of this as he is a typographic consultant + dapper man-about-town wrote this about the font Noto:

Toto fonts

This repository hosts “last good” (from my perspective) versions of Google’s Noto fonts from September 23, 2015, which were published under the [Apache License, Version 2.0 After that date, the license was changed to OFL, along with a few other Apache 2-licensed Google fonts (Droid and Open Sans). The Apache 2 license allows very flexible creation of derivative works, while the OFL license is more copyleft and prohibits certain use cases.

The fonts are grouped by the ISO 15924 script codes dominent in each font’s glyph repertoire.

— Adam Twardoch, Nov 27, 2015

If you find his GitHub repository (I feel weird linking to another source of free stuff) but he has curated what he describes as Top of the WOFFs which is a collection of open-source OpenType fonts curated by Adam Twardoch

Hopefully that is of some help to you.