Can anyone tell me what fonts are used in these typefaces? Thanks


I haven’t identified the Magnetophonband or BASF, but the other words are set in Futura (Condensed for Typ LGS 35).

Thanks, that helps. The other font I can trace if no one responds.

This is a package design from the early 60s. Magnetophonband is set in a face similar to Paul Renner’s Steile Futura, also known as Bauer Topic. There are some differences (the point of the M, the lack of curved terminals on some letters, etc.), but as you can see from the photo of the plastic container, the top word is set in Steile Futura.

Thanks, do you know what font the BASF is?

City Bold, by Georg Trump in 1930, slightly condensed is a good candidate
Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 5.57.35 PM

City Bold works great but still need the font for Magnetophonband

Thanks for all the info, thought I was going to have to trace BASF, now I won’t.

Citadina Black Italic is the closest I found, it works, just had to adjust it some by creating font outlines in Illustrator.

Citadina looks good. Still a few corrections, but very close.