Can anyone tell me what font is used?


I want to know what font is used here. Have been searching for ages but can’t come up with the exact font :frowning: Maybe someone can help me with this one?

I had no luck. But there are a million brush fonts like that out there, and many websites offer bundles of these brush and script fonts and incredible discounts (100 fonts for $9, for example), such as Mighty Deals, Pixel Surplus, Pixel Buddha, CreativeBooster, and more. Try them.

Hi Typehuile, thanks for the reply.

Are you certain that there has been made use of a brush over a font? Because I have found multiple similarities in the same letters of different words, for example the letter P.

No. By brush font, I mean a font that looks like it was made with brush strokes. The font is designed to resemble the thick and thin widths and the broken edges that writing with a brush would produce, but duplicate letters will look alike.

Sir! Please Help Me urgent work this font.